About Us

The Association of Industrial Relations Academics in Australia and New Zealand (AIRAANZ) was officially constituted in 1983. AIRAANZ is a professional membership organisation that aims to:

  • Promote and encourage Australasian industrial relations research and ongoing publication of the association’s journal Labour & Industry. A Journal of the Social and Economic Relations of Work.
  • Fosters industrial relations scholarship and community through conferences, symposia, workshop, scholarships and other events;
  • Inform members on developments in industrial relations in Australasia and elsewhere;
  • Represent members and make submissions/recommendations to appropriate government departments and other bodies regarding industrial relations research, teaching and other academic concerns.

AIRAANZ Current Executive Members

Caleb Goods


Noelle Donnelly

Immediate Past President

Jim Arrowsmith

Vice President

Mihajla Gavin


Tom Barratt


Alex Veen

Public Officer

Frances Flanagan

Membership Officer

Laura Good

Postgraduate Representative

Daniel Dinale

Website Officer

Lynnaire Sheridan

Social Media Officer

Mahan Poorhosseinzadeh

Communications Officer

AIRAANZ Ordinary Members

Fiona Edgar

​Sue Williamson

Marjorie Jerrard

Mark Jones

Sue Ressia

Jane Parker

Chris F Wright