About Us

The Association of Industrial Relations Academics in Australia and New Zealand (AIRAANZ) was officially constituted in 1983. AIRAANZ is a professional membership organisation that aims to:

  • Promote and encourage Australasian industrial relations research and ongoing publication of the association’s journal Labour & Industry. A Journal of the Social and Economic Relations of Work.
  • Fosters industrial relations scholarship and community through conferences, symposia, workshop, scholarships and other events;
  • Inform members on developments in industrial relations in Australasia and elsewhere;
  • Represent members and make submissions/recommendations to appropriate government departments and other bodies regarding industrial relations research, teaching and other academic concerns.

AIRAANZ Current Executive Members

Noelle Donnelly


Caleb Goods


Chris F Wright

Immediate Past President

Mihajla Gavin


Louise Thornthwaite

Public Officer

Frances Flanagan

Membership Officer

Tom Barratt


Daniel Dinale

Postgraduate Representative

AIRAANZ Ordinary Members

Fiona Edgar

Mahan Poorhosseinzadeh

Communications/Social Media

​Sue Williamson

Julie Douglas

Marjorie Jerrard

Michael Barry

Stephane Le Queux

Mark Jones