Vic Taylor Best Labour & Industry Article Award

Vic Taylor Best Labour & Industry Article Award

The Vic Taylor/AIRAANZ Best Labour & Industry Article Award is awarded to the best article accepted for publication by Labour & Industry (L&I) in the 12 months preceding the AIRAANZ conference. The author is required to be an AIRAANZ member.

Having qualified for entry, papers will be judged on:

  • the nature and extent of contribution to our understanding of industrial/employment relations and/or work (broadly conceived);
  • in the case of empirical papers, the appropriateness and rigour of research methods employed in answering the research question(s), which must add significant value to the field.

The prize for this award will be AUD$1000, irrespective of how many authors it has. The author(s) of the winning paper will be advised at least two months before the next AIRAANZ conference and invited to attend it for the presentation. In the event that they are unable to attend, they will be asked to nominate a representative to receive the award at the conference on their behalf.

Vic Taylor was a founding member of AIRAANZ who passed away in September 2004. This award was established in his honour by Dr Doreen Tan, his widow, in consultation with some of Vic’s colleagues and friends in AIRAANZ.

Summary Of Award Recipients 2008 – 2023


Vic Taylor Best Paper – David Peetz, Marian Baird, Rupa Banerjee, Tim Bartkiw, Shelagh Campbell, Sara Charlesworth, Amanda Coles, Rae Cooper, Jason Foster, Natalie Galea, Barbara de la Harpe, Catherine Leighton, Bernadette Lynch, Kelly Pike, Amanda Pyman, Ioana Ramia, Susan Ressia, Mojan Naisani Samani, Kim Southey,  Glenda Strachan, March To, Carolyn Troup, Scott Walsworth, Shalene Werth and Johanna Weststar 


Vic Taylor Best Paper – Mark Dean (w/ Al Rainnie)


Vic Taylor Best Paper - Kurt Walpole


Vic Taylor Best Paper – Desmond Tutu Ayentimi


Vic Taylor Best Paper - Hugh Bainbridge & Mandy Fong


Vic Taylor Best Paper – Sue Williamson, Michael O’Donnell and Joshua Shingles


Vic Taylor Best Paper – Damian Oliver


Vic Taylor Most Promising Paper – Timothy Bartram, Brendan Boyle, Anthony McDonell, Pauline Stanton and John Burgess


Vic Taylor Best Paper – Glenda Maconachie and Miles Goodwin


Vic Taylor Best Paper – Susie Elliott, Sarah Charlesworth and Marian Baird


Vic Taylor Best Paper – Jim Arrowsmith and Jane Parker


Vic Taylor Best Paper – Kim Southey


Vic Taylor Best Paper – Paula McDonald, Jennifer Waterhouse, Fiona Macdonald and Ashlea Kellner