Symposium on Workplace Psychosocial Hazards and Employment Relations Frameworks

AIRAANZ Symposium ‘Workplace Psychosocial Hazards and Employment Relations Frameworks’

  • 11 August 2022
  • CSA Centre 445 Hay Street, Perth
  • Presentations can be made in person or online: 9am to 2.45pm (WST)
  • Submit abstract by 5pm 22nd July

Workplace psychosocial hazards relate to many aspects of work which have been central to industrial relations scholarship for decades, including (but not limited to): workload, work intensification, precarious work, work schedule, job quality, organisational justice, the home-work interface and the work environment. Despite this, there is a dearth of industrial relations research on this important topic. In addition, in harmonising Australian work health and safety regulations, the WHS Act (2020), and the associated ‘Psychosocial Hazards Code of Practice’ come into effect in 2022.

This symposium will generate discussion among academics, including those from other disciplines such as work, health and safety; human resource management; ergonomics/human factors; policy and government administration and labour economics, as well as bring together relevant stakeholders from government, unions and industry.

Guest speaker: Emeritus Professor Michael Quinlan, School of Management and Governance at the University of New South Wales. Michael is an internationally-renowned expert in work health and safety (WHS) and risk related to work organisation, management and regulation.

The symposium is proudly supported by AIRAANZ, Curtin University, ECU Centre for Work + Wellbeing, Unions WA and Torrens University.

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Posted on Jul 13, 2022.